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Documentation for DUMB v0.9.3
readme.txt       - General information on DUMB
licence.txt      - Conditions for the use of this software
release.txt      - Release notes and changes for this and past releases

docs/howto.txt   - Step-by-step instructions on adding DUMB to your project
docs/faq.txt     - Frequently asked questions and answers to them
docs/dumb.txt    - DUMB library reference
docs/deprec.txt  - Information about deprecated parts of the API
docs/ptr.txt     - Quick introduction to pointers for those who need it
docs/fnptr.txt   - Explanation of function pointers for those who need it
docs/modplug.txt - Some comments on ModPlug Tracker and compatibility
Documentation for DUMBOGG v0.5
readme.txt       - General information on DUMBOGG
COPYING          - Conditions for the use of this software
release.txt      - Release notes and changes for this and past releases
howto.txt        - Step-by-step instructions on using DUMBOGG
djgpp.txt        - Special instructions for DJGPP
Showing readme.txt for DUMBOGG v0.5:
DUMBOGG - An add-on to DUMB that enables Ogg Vorbis files to be treated the
same as any other music file format supported by DUMB. Please read COPYING
before proceeding, and see release.txt for notes on this version.

In order to use this add-on, you will need:
- DUMB (duh)
- libogg
- libvorbis (and libvorbisfile, which is in the same download)

The first-mentioned can be obtained from: http://dumb.sf.net/
The other two are available at: http://www.vorbis.org/

If you wish to compile the example program, you will also need Allegro.
Allegro is available at: http://alleg.sf.net/

This download contains instructions and batch files for compiling the various
Ogg Vorbis libraries with DJGPP and MinGW. These are DOS and Windows ports of
GCC and related tools. Even if you do not intend to use DUMB or DUMBOGG, this
download will be useful for those who want to use Ogg Vorbis and *are* aware
that MSVC and Win32 are not synonyms.

Most of the work in this add-on was done by Sven. However, entheh is in
charge of maintenance and future development (I think); if you have any
queries, please e-mail: [E-mail address hidden; download DUMB to see it]

Just remember that I didn't do this - it's Sven's work!

Now go and read howto.txt for instructions on using DUMBOGG. Enjoy :)

- entheh