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Here you can download the latest versions of DUMB, DUMB-XMMS and DUMBOGG. For older versions, please visit DUMB's file download page on Sourceforge.net. There are also some unofficial plug-in downloads hosted or linked from here.

Before downloading, please take note of any information given above the download links. Check back here if you have problems; it is possible that someone else has had the same problem as you, and it may be addressed here by the time you come back. Failing that, contact me (address in the docs) and I shall see what I can do.

Where both "DOS or Windows" and "Unix" versions are provided, the only difference between them is the text file format. There are no scripts to convert for you, so if you have the wrong one you may have to convert yourself. When extracting from .tar.gz files, WinZip converts text files by default; if you want to use the .zip files on Unix, unzip -a gets the job done. Conversion scripts may be provided in future versions.

DUMB v0.9.3

  • Previous versions of DUMB have been accused of using a lot of CPU time, and fairly so. The last release was optimised a bit. As of this much further optimised release, it runs up to five times as fast as it did after the first set of optimisations. DUMB is now as fast as ModPlugXMMS on my system. See the release notes and an entry towards the end of the FAQ for more information. (The 'five times as fast' figure is for mono samples, stereo output and the default cubic resampling.)
  • If you are on a Linux system, you may be able to play modules using one of the following as an alternative to using Allegro or DUMB-XMMS:
       dumbout -u -o - filename | play -traw -r44100 -w -u -c2 -
       dumbout -o - filename | aplay -f cd -t raw
       dumb2wav -o - filename | aplay
DUMB v0.9.3 for DOS or Windows
DUMB v0.9.3 for Linux, BeOS, Mac OS X and similar

Autotools build files for DUMB v0.9.3 (not recommended)




  • DUMBOGG v0.5 will compile with warnings, and it will not work. The CVS version of DUMBOGG will work, but if you cannot use this, stick with DUMB v0.9.1 (available on DUMB's download page on Sourceforge.net) or use a separate library to play Ogg Vorbis files.
  • The following information was omitted from the documentation: to compile a project with DUMBOGG, you need to
       #include <dumbogg.h>
    and use the following compiler switches:
    With Allegro:
       Debugging: -ldmogd -lvorbisfile -lvorbis -logg -laldmd -ldumbd -lalld
       Optimised: -ldmogg -lvorbisfile -lvorbis -logg -laldmb -ldumb -lalleg
    Without Allegro:
       Debugging: -ldmogd -lvorbisfile -lvorbis -logg -ldumbd
       Optimised: -ldmogg -lvorbisfile -lvorbis -logg -ldumb
    On Unix, use `allegro-config --libs debug` and `allegro-config --libs` instead of -lalld and -lalleg, as usual. MSVC users: remove -l and add .lib on each one.
DUMBOGG v0.5 for DOS or Windows (missing some files; see below)
DUMBOGG v0.5 for Linux, BeOS, Mac OS X and similar

Files missing from DUMBOGG v0.5 (if you wish to compile with DJGPP or MinGW, you will need these)

Unofficial downloads

DUMB-BMP - a DUMB-based plug-in for Beep Media Player, contributed by Michael Doering.

in_dumb v0.11 - a DUMB-based plug-in for Winamp 2.x and 5.x, contributed by a "stranger from the Internet" who left only an e-mail address containing the string in_dumb by way of identification.