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If you release a game that uses DUMB, please let me know! Contact details are in the documentation. I'll need the name of the program, a URL to a website from which the game can be downloaded, and brief details on who the author or authors are. I don't promise to link to every game that uses DUMB, but don't let that put you off asking!

If you find any broken links, please let me know.
  • Alex the Allegator 4, by Johan Peitz, music by Anders Svensson
  • Ashes, by Nathan Smith and Bram Vaessen, music by DarkDread
  • Desert of Doom, by Dustin Dettmer and Inphernic, music by Inphernic
  • Flash Flood, by Matthew Leverton
  • Fruitworm, by Elias Pschernig, music by Louis Gorenfeld
  • HalfLight: Crusade, by David Grace, music by Zachary Hudson and Ben Stone
  • Kraptor, by Kronoman
  • Paintball Party, by Todd Cope
  • Pong Ultra, by Hard Rock
  • Raptor, by Jon Rafkind
  • Red Pixel 2, by Peter Wang and David Wang, music by Oskar Aitaja
  • Reflexion, by Inphernic
  • Relaze, by BAF/BAFSoft
  • Set Up Us The Bomb !!! by Bob, CJ and yours truly, music by CJ's friend Alberto
  • Sheep 2, by yours truly, featuring real piano music: Chopin Études Opus 10 Numbers 4, 8 and 12 (The Revolutionary Study) performed by yours truly, played using DUMBOGG
  • Shippy1984, by Ryan Broomfield
  • TeleHack, by yours truly. This game uses undocumented parts of DUMB; please don't try to do so yourself without talking to me first (IRC is a good place for this; see DUMB's readme.txt). Think of TeleHack as a preview of what DUMB will be able to do in the future. Click the link for more information.
  • UFO2000, started by Alexander Ivanov and now a community project.