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2014-01-21 23:10
posted by entheh
Good news: although the original team are not actively working on DUMB any more, kode54 has been! He has created a fork here with very extensive changes including new file formats, lots of playback improvements, and CMake build support. Windows users can immediately hear it in action by installing foobar2000 and adding the DUMB Module decoder component.

DUMB is also the official mod playback plugin for Allegro 5. For those who remember Allegro as either 'a DOS blitting library' or 'some attempt to hack a DOS blitting library into working on windowed operating systems', you'll be amazed to find that Allegro 5 is a contemporary redesign that drops DOS support (gasp) and allows you to use the latest OpenGL and DirectX features while providing you with simple, effective APIs for all the other stuff: window creation, sound, input, haptic feedback (I don't even know what that is) and so on. It also supports Android and iOS. I expect kode54's fork can be used with Allegro 5 too; or if not, I'm sure someone will sort it out now that I've posted this.

Whether you program with DUMB or just use it to listen to music, I hope it plays at least some small part in fulfilling your life's dreams!
2005-11-05 14:40
posted by entheh
Sorry the site stopped working. It was never my decision to use a database, and SourceForge.net's recent newsletters did not exactly emphasise the fact that the contents of the database would go up in a puff of smoke. Luckily, my lack of confidence in the database, and safety and security thereof, had driven me to keep local copies of the news items, and Google's handy cache provided the IDs and descriptions I was using on the Documentation page. Half a day's frantic rewriting later, the site now works entirely with PHP and text files and no longer generates reams of static HTML using 'print' statements and escaped quotes, Mr Baffles. Last but not least, I can maintain it simply by changing files at home and then uploading them. Excellent.
2005-08-07 15:07
posted by entheh
DUMB v0.9.3 has been released, over two years after the last release! New to this release are lower memory usage, faster mixing loops which are now on a par with ModPlug's, loading of text fields in the module files, faster load functions for projects that don't need to seek within the module or know its length, a dumb2wav tool, Visual Studio 6 project files for all the examples, any many small playback fixes. As usual, feel free to browse the documentation online, starting with the release notes, or skip straight to the download page!

Thanks to Chad Austin for significant contributions, including an Autotools build system neither of us recommends using, and for using DUMB in his sound library Audiere. We'll beat FMOD yet. We had 100% accurate length calculation first!!

Enjoy the release, particularly in the upcoming SpeedHack competition!
2005-03-25 07:22
posted by entheh
There is now a new .zip file on the Downloads page, containing replacement project files for Visual C++. Thanks go to the ZFXC-Engine Team for providing it.

Just to say I haven't disappeared. Progress on DUMB is very slow because I am now working full time in game development, but I am still around and intend to continue supporting DUMB and occasionally working on it. Do get in touch if you have any problems, questions or comments!
2004-07-29 15:08
posted by BAF
Hello and welcome to DUMB's site. I have redone the site's page generation code (you probably won't notice any changes) to work with Sourceforge.net's new tighter security. If there are any problems with it, please email me (baf01[AT]bafsoft.com) or entheh. You can also view the old site (some parts of it won't work correctly) here (link removed). Thanks!

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